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Announcing the 2017 South Florida Industry Holiday Party

Emerald City......Where All Roads Meet
December 13, 2017 | 6:00 PM

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To pre-register online for the industry holiday party, please click the image below:





Dear Event Industry Leaders, Colleagues, and Friends;


With the recent events that took place in Texas and Louisiana due to Hurricane Harvey and in Florida with Hurricane Irma, I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you. First and foremost, I hope that everyone is taking every precaution to be safe as you prepare for the unknown of what could happen. So please be safe, as your life and those of your loved ones are most important.  

Second, I wanted to remind you or make you aware of the importance of The SEARCH Foundation. Many people have been in the position of being able to help others in need by donating money. One of the biggest issues is people collecting money or starting GoFundMe’s with the intent of helping but no proper way to distribute funds. The SEARCH Foundation has been in existence for 20 years assisting event professional in crisis or those facing catastrophic situations, by providing financial help. Our priority is to make sure event, meetings and hospitality professionals know our industry community has their backs when they need help the most.

Also, one of the advantages of The SEARCH Foundation is that it isn’t association related, meaning anyone with ties to the Events Industry can request assistance. And that can be anywhere, be it Houston or here in our own state with Irma scheduled to hit this weekend. And of course any type of crisis or catastrophic event in someone’s life.  

So with a grateful heart, if you’re in a position to help others in need or are in need yourself, I ask of you to keep in mind The SEARCH Foundation. Whether you can donate or need assistance, please visit

Most of all, I hope that everyone will be safe.  And know there is a whole industry, a whole family, that is here to support those in need.


JC York
Classic Entertainment/Wise Guys InterACTive
SEARCH Foundation – Board of Directors Member